Excerpt from Saint-Saëns Symphony 3

Most serious trombonists out there know about a website called This website is a great resource for any trombonist, whether you play bass or tenor. The developers of the site have compiled a list of the most common orchestral excerpts called for on auditions. When you click on a link to an excerpt, it displays the excerpt and multiple audio recordings of the excerpt in the orchestral context. Until recently, many people could not take full advantage of this site, however. I always had trouble getting the audio player to function properly. I use a Mac, like many musicians do, but I grew up using a PC. The site always worked well on the PC at home, but it simply would not play audio on my Mac. I tried multiple browsers, like Safari and Chrome, but it always just displayed a small Quicktime icon over the player. However, recently I was just browsing around and discovered that they have switched to a new audio player. This player functions perfectly on my computer now, so I can finally take full advantage of this resource. Thank you for updating your site! Now, it is truly a wonderful resource for every trombonist out there.

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