Practice Mirror

I have always been told that it is a good idea to use a mirror when practicing. This lets you see what is going on with your embouchure and what your tendencies are. Unfortunately, our practice rooms at Iowa do not have mirrors in them, so it has always been a hassle to try and find a mirror with which to practice. To try and solve this issue, I started searching for a good mirror that I could carry with me at all times. Most of the smaller mirrors I found were designed for use in lockers and, unfortunately, were not made of real glass. Many are made with a reflective material instead of glass, which most reviews reported was wavy and chipped apart easily. I did, however, find one locker mirror made of real glass. I decided to purchase this one because it had decent reviews and was relatively cheap. From here on Amazon, it was $2.97 + $3.49 shipping.

This mirror has turned out to work very well for practicing. It is 5″x7″, which is just big enough to give you a good view of your face while you play but small enough to easily fit in a bag or case. I place it on my stand when I warm up, which allows me to see everything my embouchure is doing. I had wondered if the magnets (since it is a locker mirror) would be strong enough to hold it to a metal stand. Unfortunately, they are not. The magnets on this thing might as well not be there because they can’t hold it to anything. I may try to find some strong magnets with adhesive backs to stick on this as a security measure to help prevent me from knocking it off my stand and breaking it. I have already begun to notice some tendencies in my embouchure while I play, which gives me a chance to fix them. It is really helpful to be able to see your face and have a visual of what your embouchure is doing while you play. I highly recommend this mirror to ANY musician.

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